Professional Etiquette Webinar – August 8, 2017

Join WVLDI and CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants‘s Rebecca Rose, CVT for our free webinar.

There is a work culture expectation, even if nobody on your team takes the time to explain it to you. Seems a bit ironic, your team and management anticipate you to act as a professional, but rarely is Professional Etiquette defined. That is precisely why we will be discussing it, now. Regardless of your work environment, there are common guidelines establishing behavior in the workplace. Consider Professional Etiquette when making a first impression (which you are constantly making!), engaging with clients and team members, writing formal (even informal) communications and dealing with confidential client and patient information. Embrace these few concepts in Professional Etiquette to build your career in veterinary medicine.

Professional Etiquette Powerpoint Presentation
Professional Etiquette Factsheet